Medical Products

Activity is a key concern for people in the senior community, but many are not as active as they need to be to maintain strength and health. As we have worked closely with seniors we have found this is often due to pain and/or lack of stability. Our medical products are specifically designed to reduce pain and provide stability, giving seniors the confidence and comfort to preform daily activities they normally would avoid. Learn More >

Medical Alert

As the baby-boomers become a part of the senior demographic you can hear their emphatic concerns of maintaining their independence. Our medical alert system gives them the independence they’re looking for and also provides peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones. Having a monitoring specialist standing by to help at the push of a button keeps many situations, whether minor or serious, from becoming worst. Learn More >

Identity Protection

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the US, in fact 41,000 people have their privet information used fraudulently every day. The senior community is a primary target for identity thieves and the trend is showing that it’s only getting worst. Our Identity Protection service provides a “must-have” solution for monitoring your private information 24/7. If your information is being used, legitimate or not, you’re going to know about it! Learn More >